Our aim is to provide corsets for everybody. We want our customers to see a representation of themselves when they shop with us and feel empowered to start their own corset story... Corset Story works closely with freelance models, photographers and videographers worldwide, to generate unique, engaging and diverse lifestyle content, which we strive to improve upon with every new product that we launch.

If you are part of a professional freelance team and are interested in producing high quality product content for us please take a look at the information below to see how we work and our requirements...


    Planning Criteria:

    1. 1. The proposed location for the shoot must be provided to Corset Story in either image or video format and this must be signed off by Corset Story before you commence the shoot. The location should be selected to complement the product and styling of the shoot.
    2. 2. The outfit should be styled by the freelancer, including all accessories/props etc and this must be signed off by Corset Story before shooting. Any changes in the look that were not agreed to may result in the work being rejected.

    Image Criteria:

    1. 1. Minimum dimensions 2000 x 3000 for close portraits. Larger is preferred with ratio of 2:3 for portrait as we tend to crop in quite close on some images.
    2. 2. Prefer shots taken in RAW and then sent to us as .jpeg (not .jpeg2000)
    3. 3. Front, side on (3/4), back, full length portrait shots and some landscape for banners etc.
    4. 4. Minimum of 10 images, maximum of 20 to be submitted. These should all be of excellent quality (i.e not including the outtakes) Please view the website for examples.
    5. 5. Photographs should be edited (levels etc) but not airbrushed/photoshopped. Any colour adjustments should be sensitive to the true colour of the product.
    6. 6. Please remember it is a product shoot. attention to detail required. Nothing out of place, out of focus etc
    7. 7. No suggestive faces, pouting of lips, no boudoir/pin up style. No lying down. Cover cleavage as best as possible. If shooting underwear keep the camera lower or inline with the bust. No nudity.

    Video Criteria:

    1. 1. Enough high quality video should be provided to produce a 15 second product video, which will be edited by Corset Story.  5-10 minutes of good quality footage is usually enough for this purpose.
    2. 2. The footage should include a variety of poses and shots including close up and wider angle. It should be a mix of product features as well as lifestyle shots. Movement creates interest and shows the flexibility of the garment.
    3. 3. File format: MP4 or Mov, Aspect ratio: 1080x1080 or 1920x1080 (to be cropped square), Frame rate: 25fps or 50fps, Bit rate: 20Mbps or higher.

    Product Criteria:

    1. 1. Please ensure before embarking on the photoshoot that the corset fits the model well. It should be tensioned evenly at the back with approximately a 2 inch gap between the eyelets. It should fit snugly across the bust, hips and waist and should not be photographed if this is not achievable. If you have queries on fit please take pictures and talk to us about it. If you produce work with an ill fitting corset you will be asked to re-shoot.
    2. 2. Please ensure that the corset is steamed where required. Ribbon lacing should be steamed and any corsets with ruffles, trims or sleeves etc should be free from creases. As should the clothing items that you are styling the look with.
    3. All products should be returned (pre-paid returns label will be provided) once the work has been completed.


    A fixed fee of £250 will be paid for each product that you shoot for us, regardless of the size of your team. Payments will be made via PayPal.

    We reserve the right to request a re-shoot should any of the above criteria not be met.

    To submit your team's portfolio for review or for further information please contact Verity@corset-story.com

    We regret that we cannot take applications from individuals and you must submit all details of your freelance team for consideration. 

    Application Criteria. Please provide us with the following:

    1. 1. Portfolio - modelling, photography, videography and styling
    2. 2. Examples of the location options that are available to you currently - no studios
    3. 3. Model's measurements - Bust at fullest, natural waist, hip and height.
    4. 4. Team details - explaining how you will be able to work safely during the COVID-19 global pandemic and within your government's guidelines/laws

    We look forward to working with you!